Adresse: Nordhavnen, København
Byggherre: Udviklingsselskabet By & Havn I/S
Prosjektet omfatter: Byutvikling av Nordhavnen, København. Åpen internasjonal konkurranse
Areal: 600.000 kvm nybygg, 70.000 kvm eksisterende bygg, samt natur og havneområder.
Status: Levert høst 2008
Foto/Ill.: Fortunen AS

Nordhavnen is said to content 45.000 people when fully develloped. It is also a goal to have a maximum diversity of people according to age, social classing and cultural background among the citizens of Nordhavnen. In our belief, a healthy society within the coming 50 years, should have a structure based on both social units with a maximum content of near relationship in the neighbourhood, scaled all the way up to the grand city structure of Copenhagen. We think the school system is the spine of the local society, and the optimal sizing and localling of the different schooltypes should therefore be the basic tool to organize the society in all its parts. In our planning scheme, – the 8-10 school combined with a local cultural centre, school library a.m. will be the natural heart of a village community. That means that the Nordhavnen should have a structure of 5 main villages, supplied with a part with a more city-like organisation, exposed to the greater copenhagen. This gives a fantastic situation for both primary and secondary schools, – central, secure, isolated in the good meaning of the word, – and totally sea-related. The whole area is divided into ten characteristic areas:The Orient – the gateway to Nordhaven, connecting Nordhavnen to Østerbro.The City – ”down town” Nordhavnen, main buisness, shopping and dining area, Gamle Containerhavn – village community, Kalkbrænderiet – village community, Sumpen – Wildlife, Fiskerhavnen – Food supply: fishing harbour and community gardens, Ny Containerhavnen – Terminal and container harbour, – The new metropolis – The ”new land”, village community.